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We meet monthly, every 3rd Wednesday, @ 7pm
Winfield Fire House ​
27W530 High Lake Rd Winfield

Our next meeting:
July 20, 2022 - 7 PM


August 6, 2022 6:30 pm • 0S625 Jefferson St Winfield

Enjoy dinner and a flick while taking a dip!

Take a break from the present and watch


1970 outlaw journalist Hunter S Thompson starts his own political movement, Freak Power, to fight against corruption and cronyism!

Enjoy Dave’s Incredible Pulled Pork, Veggie lasagna, Salads, & Watermelon • Cyd’s Amazing Chocolate Cake, Soft drinks, & Open Bar!

Dive in & support our local county candidates!

Single: $40, Couple: $70,  Keep us aFloat: $100
Synchronized Swim Working Together: $250,
Make a Splash Cannonball: $500

Donations accepted at the door or via Act Blue: 

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Winfield Township Democratic Organization

1 hour 8 minutes ago

A record-high 22 states have unemployment rates at or below 3 percent, and 14 have their lowest on record. And we're seeing progress on fighting

Winfield Township Democratic Organization

1 hour 11 minutes ago

'Nearly a year after Israel announced that it would shutter human rights groups monitoring the country’s treatment of Palestinians, Israel has yet to show sufficient

Winfield Township Democratic Organization

1 hour 23 minutes ago

'More often than before, newsworthy gatherings are not announced ahead of time, and reporters find out they occurred only when pictures get posted to social

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