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Why should taxpayers in School District 94 OUTSIDE of Winfield PAY for a Village Hall INSIDE of Winfield?

¿Por qué los contribuyentes del Distrito Escolar 94 deberían FUERA de Winfield ¿PAGAR por un Village Hall DENTRO de Winfield?
  • School Districts 34 & 94 are suing the Village of Winfield to prevent them from using a TIF2 to take $16M of school revenue to fund a Winfield Village Hall
  • With Winfield’s TIF2, High School District 94 taxpayers in West Chicago, Warrenville, & Carol Stream will be forced to fund a Village Hall that benefits Winfield only.
    Con el TIF2 de Winfield, los contribuyentes del Distrito de Escuelas Secundarias 94 en West Chicago, Warrenville y Carol Stream se verán obligados a financiar un Village Hall que beneficie únicamente a Winfield.
  • There is NO economic benefit from TIF2, but it will take MILLIONS of dollars from OUR Community High School and our children.

Learn more on Thursday March 2nd 6:00pm
ARC Center 201 W National St • West Chicago

Did you miss the event? You can watch the video here!

Vote NO April 4, 2023
to these questions that will be on your ballot

**Shall Community High School District 94 allow $4 to $6million of its future tax dollars, raised primarily from Central DuPage Hospital’s development of Winfield’s town center, to be diverted away from the School District and into Winfield TIF2 where Winfield intends to use the School District’s future tax dollars to develop Winfield’s proposed $16million Village Hall and Police Station as well as a $1 million plaza?

¿Debe el Community High School District 94permitir que de $4a $6millones de sus futuros dólares de impuestos, recaudados principalmente del desarrollo del centro de la ciudad de Winfield por parte del Central DuPage Hospital, se desvíen del Distrito Escolar y hacia Winfield TIF2donde Winfield tiene la intención de utilizar los futuros dólares de los impuestos del Distrito Escolar para desarrollar el Ayuntamiento y la Estación de Policía de Winfield de $16millones propuestos además de una plaza de $1 millón?

**Shall the Village of Winfield spend approximately $15 million to build a new village hall?

¿Deberá el Pueblo de Winfield gastar aproximadamente $15 millones para construir un nuevo ayuntamiento?

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